Tools to Stay Organized at Work

The ultimate checklist for 9-5 professionals who work a desk job

The list that career professionals should be given during orientation.

They say kids should be taught personal finance in school ... and I say career professionals need to be taught how to keep their work organized ...

Do you work a desk job?

If yes, you more than likely have 100+ items on your daily to-do list.. and it probably looks something like this:

  • Your manager is looking for weekly updates
  • Your stakeholders/clients want a progress report
  • You have meetings everyday with a gazillion takeaways
  • You have career and development goals that you don't have time for
  • And let's not forget about your personal life and the items on your to-do list outside of work

Your weekly routine has you counting down the days to Friday and dreading Monday...

Sounds like a familiar story?

You need this checklist!

Learn the tools that will keep you organized at work.

The checklist I wish I had when I started my career more than 15 years ago.

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